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8 abr. 2011

Help me?

I have problems with my time, and not how to organize....=(
Please, help me?......=s
Do you know any way to organize my time?


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  1. Hi!!
    I really liked your site, I am very pretty!! Watch a tip for you to consider is to do in your free time for you to spend your notes and do not affect the schedule and tasks of your school, and I hope to serve you!!
    Greetings!! XD

  2. Hi! Yady (: I recommend you use my tips, I hope to serve you.

  3. Hi Yadira! :)
    Well, I hope help with your problem,in my blog I wrote some recommendations that could be useful and you can organize your time to do your daily activities.

  4. Hi, Yadira, look at I don't take a adress book, but if I if I organize every day in what I do, and as I have little free time each day do one thing, for example, or go shopping days, one I look after the garden, another reada book that I like And treatment study at night when I'm not

  5. Hey, what's up?
    My suggestion is get organized schedules, so you will make it easier.
    Program your cell phone all the activities that you and put a warning 5 minutes before your activity. with time to adjust.
    To improve your English without having to make a schedule, I leave you some tips on my blog http://iam-alejandra.blogspot.com/
    I hope your help